NFL Fantasy Live Chat

Exclusive to is our chat feature. This allows you to converse directly with others in your league at any time!

Getting Started

Accessing the chat feature is simple and extremely easy to use. Upon entering into any of your fantasy leagues, you will see a Fantasy Chat bar at the bottom of your page. To connect and view who else is available to chat, simply click the CONNECT button. Once you have connected, click the same button once again to expand your buddy list.

How To Chat

Once you are connected, chatting is easy! You will be able to join either league-wide chats or reach out to your competition individually. If you are in multiples leagues, each league will be listed for you.

By simply clicking on your individual league name, a chat box will open up and you will be entered into a group chat. This is a great way to access multiple owners in your league at the same time. If you wish to speak directly to a specific user, clicking on that users team name will allow you to do so.

If you wish to block a specific user, you can simply do so by hovering your mouse over a user and clicking BLOCK. Unblocking a user is done is the same fashion.

Each individual chat that you are engaging in will be listed at the bottom of your page on your Fantasy Chat bar allowing you to quickly move one from chat to another.

By default, our Fantasy Chat comes with sounds to alert you when you have received a message whether in a group chat or a chat with an individual user. If you do not wish to enable these sound notifications, click on the small gear next to your name and you will be able to disable sounds.

If you do not wish to chat any longer, you can disconnect from the chat feature by once again clicking on the small gear next to your name on your buddy list and clicking DISCONNECT.

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