Auction Draft

For the 2014 Fantasy Football season, is featuring Auction Drafts. You can choose from creating your own custom auction league, or join one of many NFL-Managed auction draft leagues.

In an auction draft, teams take turns nominating players. When a player is nominated, teams can place bids to win this specific player. The team with the highest bid wins the player and the amount of points that that specific player was won for is deducted from that team's budget. If you did place a bid for that player, but did not win that player, all of your points will be returned to your budget. Make sure to be smart with your bidding!

Nominating Players

In order to start the bidding for a player, that player must first be nominated. The nomination order determines when it is your turn to initiate the bidding on a player. In NFL-Managed Leagues, the nomination order is determined thirty minutes before the draft begins. In Custom Leagues, the League Manager can manually determine the nomination order or allow for the order to be determined thirty minutes before the draft is scheduled to begin.

When your team is up to nominate, click on any player that has not yet been nominated in the player pool. Click the NOMINATE button and then the bidding will begin for the player that you have choose to nominate. Any team will now be able to place their bids on this player.

Placing Your Bid

Once a player has been nominated, teams can then begin to place their bids on that player. The highest bid wins the player and the amount that was bid is deducted from the winning teams total budget. Note that each team has a bid maximum. In other words, a team's highest bid for one player is determined by taking their remaining budget and subtracting the number of empty slots you have on your roster. For example, if Arian Foster is up for bid and your budget is 200 and you have ten empty slots on your roster, the highest bid you can make for Foster is 190. Always keep that in mind when placing your bids!

To place a bid on a player, you can either select the BID +$1 button, or enter your own bid amount into the text field and select BID. In NFL-Managed Auction Leagues, the amount of time that a player is up for bid is 45 seconds. in Custom Auction Leagues, the League Manager can determine how long a player will be up for bid. Note that once the bid clock reaches ten seconds, any bid that is made will automatically reset the clock to ten seconds.

Auction Budget

In an auction draft, all teams have a predetermined budget. This budget can be customized in Custom Leagues by the League Manager. In NFL-Managed Leagues, the budget begins at 200 points. Use your budget wisely!

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