My Alerts

In order to stay on top of the most up-to-date notifications, whether it is injury reports or if Dwayne Bowe just scored a touchdown for your team, is offering alerts sent directly to you.

Upon joining a league, you will be able to determine if you would like to receive notification of league events by Email. By default you will be notified of the following events:

  • My Team - Trade Alert
  • My Team - Waiver Claim
  • Trade Deadline Reminder
  • League Activity - Trade Notification

You can also edit your alerts by going to the "My Team" page and clicking on the "Alerts" button. You will have the ability to either remove alerts you previously selected or choose to be notified of other events. The choices are as follows:

  • Weekly Recap
  • My Team - New Player News
  • My Team - New Video Highlight
  • Set Lineup Reminder
  • League Activity - Add/Drop Transaction
  • League Activity - Start/Bench Transaction
  • Leage Activity - Discussion Post
  • League Activity - LM Change
  • Game Day Scoring Alert - Offensive TD
  • Game Day Scoring Alert - FG
  • Game Day Scoring Alert = Box Score Update
  • Game Day Roster Alert - Injury
  • Game Day Roster Alert - Inactive
  • Game Day Roster Alert - Projection

You will have the ability to receive these alerts through Email, SMS Texts, Madden, or DirecTV. Just simply put a check in the box next to the alert you want to receive through your determined method.