Activity Feed

Located on your league home page is the Activity Feed. This interactive discussion board specific to your league is perfect for smack talk, trade discussion and comments regarding your opponents' latest transactions and roster changes. The Activity Feed aggregates discussion from throughout your fantasy league and encourages interaction amongst team owners.

Do you want to let other league owners know that you're looking to trade for a quarterback? Add your comment by entering text and clicking the Post button. Or if you're looking to poke fun at your opponent for benching Peyton Manning in a week he threw 4 touchdowns, use the Reply feature. Scroll over the line you want to respond to, enter your message and click Reply. You can even visit your weekly Fantasy Game Center (Discuss Tab) on game day to talk about the week's matchups and your messages will also be reflected on your league's home page. Simply put, the Activity Feed makes communication between team owners easier than ever before.

There are several views within the Activity Feed displaying different content, all of which you can comment on and provide your analysis:

  • All: default view, aggregates all content from Transactions, Discussions, and League Manager Changes
  • Transactions: displays all transactions within the league (adds, drops, trades)
  • Discussions: displays all messages posted by team owners throughout the league
  • LM Changes: displays all changes made by the League Manager to league and scoring settings
Activity Feed