Activating Your League

Are you looking to bring your league from last season back for another year? Was it a complete success and you want to see who comes out on top during the upcoming season? Simply activate your league and be on your way.

Visit the Fantasy game landing page and click the "Activate" button to select from your leagues eligible to bring back for the new season. Select your league and with a single click, your league will be back for another season and all of the previous team owners will be sent an email letting them know that you have activated the league.

Once the league is activated, the League Manager will be able to make any changes that they see fit. This includes changing scoring settings, removing owners and even adding teams to the league. You will have access to all of the tools that you had when you created the league the prior year, as well as access to all of the new features in this season's game.

Ready to get this season started? Activate Your Leagues Today!