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Gridiron Breakdown: Peyton Manning vs. Andrew Luck

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Andrew Luck will have some big shoes to fill when he joins the Colts.

 The Colts have made it official: They are going to select Andrew Luck with the first overall selection of the 2012 NFL Draft. Whew, good thing we ended that mystery. The suspense was killing me.

Seriously, Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE was more suspenseful. Though, I'm disappointed the fans at the draft won't be able to spoil the pick like the WWE fans in Miami, who were able to call for Brock Lesnar before he officially came out from behind the curtain.

So with all this being official now, we can now take Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck to the Grid!

And without further ado ...

Player: Peyton Manning Andrew Luck Give it to ...
Position: QB QB Push
Height: 6-foot-5 6-foot-4 Push. Seriously, they're both tall.
Weight: 235 230 Push


Luck. We haven't had a truly great bearded quarterback since Dan Fouts.
College Tennessee Stanford Luck
Stayed in school a year longer than they needed to? Yes Yes Push
And it didn't help them beat: Florida Oregon Manning. Luck did beat Oregon early in his career, but his two losses cost the Cardinal a chance at the BCS title. Well, that is if the BCS would have put an undefeated Stanford team in over a one-loss Alabama squad. I wish I was kidding.
As a result, they hate: Visors Neon green Push
Knack for game-crippling interceptions: Yes Yes Push. When Luck threw two interceptions and lost a fumble against Oregon, the immediate thought was, oh well, at least Colts fans are used to this in the big game.
Known for the "Manning face?"


Manning. Seriously, I don't know what Luck was doing there. But the photo above is a nice start.
But did he win a Super Bowl? Yes Not yet Manning. But perhaps Rex Grossman can stay in the league long enough for Luck to face him in a Super Bowl. If not, Kevin Kolb will do.
Heisman Trophy? No No Push. Manning lost out to Charles Woodson, Luck to Robert Griffin III. No dishonor there.
Draft quote: "If you don't draft me, I will come back and kick your butt for the next 10 years." "I pretty much have an unquenchable thirst for football knowledge." Manning. Although, it should be noted the Chargers (who would have ended up with Manning) have kicked the Colts' butt for 15 years. So if Manning was on the Chargers, the Colts might have won all of those times. I'm changing this to Luck.
Colts' record the year before they joined: 3-13 2-14 Manning. Even though the Colts were dreadful last year, Luck still faces expectations from one of the winningest teams of the past decade or so.
Who followed him in the draft? Ryan Leaf RG3 Manning
Colts quarterback he replaced: Jim Harbaugh Peyton Manning Manning. Manning's big expectation was to make the Colts a winner and exceed guys like Harbaugh and Gary Hogeboom. Luck is expected to be as good as Manning.
Is he now following Tim Tebow? Yes No Manning
Did his dad play in the NFL? Yes Yes Push
How about an annoying kid brother? Yes No Luck
Is his dad still involved in football? Yes Yes Luck. Wait, why Luck? Oliver Luck was a real general manager for some time. Archie likes to pretend that he is.
Biggest rival: Tom Brady Does he even have one? Manning
Biggest fan:
John Elway

Condoleezza Rice
Push. But since Elway is a Stanford guy, he's a fan of Luck, too. So move this over to Luck.
Spent his childhood: Living next to Trent Reznor Living abroad Push
If he wasn't playing football he'd be: I have no idea. Architect Manning. I'm serious, what would Manning do if he wasn't playing football? Although Luck is one of those guys who would succeed at anything he wants to do.
Special skills
Awesome commercials

One-handed grab
Push. But at least Luck's will help him on the field.
Has Rob Lowe spread a rumor about him? Yes No Manning
Actor who plays them in the movies: Himself James Franco Manning. Manning plays himself after you eliminate the usual suspects of Dennis Quaid and Keanu Reeves for being left-handed.
Does he wear jorts? Unconfirmed No Push. I mean, it's not like Manning went to Florida. So we'll let him slide.
Will he make the playoffs this year? No No Push


And the winner? Manning showed the youngster a thing or two, pulling this one out 11-7. Of course, this was a regular-season version of the Gridiron Breakdown, so this shouldn't be a surprise.

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