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Titans GM Ruston Webster ready for NFL draft

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There are very few scenarios in the NFL draft that Ruston Webster hasn't encountered at one point or another during his career in the NFL.

But despite his 24-year history with the league's marquee offseason event, next week's draft will present an entirely new set of responsibilities for the Tennessee Titans general manager.

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For the first time Webster will be the guy running show from a team's war room, but Webster should be a cool customer come next Thursday night, according to the Tennessean.

“I really don’t feel a lot of pressure from that standpoint because I enjoy it, and at this point and time we’ve done our work,” Webster told the newspaper.

“So when it comes down to drafting the player it should be a smooth transition where we are confident and just say, 'This is the guy we want, this is the guy we are going with.' And you make the pick.”

Webster, who was named the team's general manager on Jan. 18, spent the past two years serving as the team's vice president of player personnel. He also was a part of the Seattle Seahawks organization for four seasons after being with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 18.

Webster spent much of his early time in the league as a scout, but he doesn't plan on forgetting his roots just because he's now the guy in charge.

“We have great scouts, a veteran crew. They have seen a lot of football over the years,” Webster told the newspaper. “I do believe in the scouts’ opinion being very important, and listening to what they say, because they have done the most work.

“If somebody really has a conviction on a player, then respecting that conviction and listening strongly to them, that’s important. I’ll rely on them, and we’ll do this together.”



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