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Famed orthopedist issues letter clearing LB prospect Carter


Dr. James Andrews wrote a letter clearing North Carolina outside linebacker Bruce Carter for pre-draft workouts.

Carter is an intriguing prospect who starred on the Tar Heels' defense but tore his left anterior cruciate ligament during a November game. He hasn't been able to perform any physical activities all offseason, but Andrews, a noted orthopedist who has overseen Carter's rehabilitation and recovery, issued a letter last week informing teams of progress.

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In the letter -- a copy of which was obtained from Carl Carey, Carter's agent -- Andrews praised the linebacker's progress.

"Overall, we are very happy with his progress," Andrews wrote. "He has been progressing well on his weights and has been getting his quad strength back very quickly. His running has also progressed at an exceptional rate."

Carey said the recovery time from the procedure is normally 7 to 9 months; Carter's ACL reconstruction, for a partial tear, was performed four months ago. Carey said doctors expect Carter to be cleared to resume football activity for the start of training camp.

Andrews wrote: "At this point in time we can, without question, say that Bruce is more than meeting out expectations in his recovery from ACL reconstruction and we expect a full recovery, and clear him for eligibility for any workouts he may need to do leading up to the NFL draft."

Carter was projected as a potential top-15 pick before his injury; now many scouts expect he will go in the second round next week. Andrews' medical clearance will help Carter's cause.

Carter made seven pre-draft visits, and his natural athleticism and explosiveness bode well at the NFL level.



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