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Did you know? Fun facts from the last four decades of the draft

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With the 2008 NFL draft quickly approaching, looks back through history at every draft since 1970.

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The 2000s
Tom Brady The 2000 draft marked the only time in history that three quarterbacks taken in the sixth round started a game in the NFL. While Tom Brady has been the most successful, Marc Bulger also has made two Pro Bowls. Spergon Wynn's starting status was short-lived, however, as he was out of the league after just two seasons.

More from the 2000s:

Hampton's Justin Durant was picked higher than any player in school history at 48 by the Jags.

For the first time since 1990, no WRs were taken in the top 20. Santonio Holmes was first at 25.

Aaron Rodgers tied the record for longest wait time at the draft, before the Packers took him 24th.

Six University of Miami (Fla.) players went in the first round, a record for any school.

The Vikings took too long to make the seventh pick, and ended up taking Kevin Williams ninth.

The Texans made 13 picks in their first ever college draft. Only three players remain from that class.

Oregon State WRs Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh were both drafted by the Bengals.

The Jets set the record for the most first-round draft picks of all time with four selections.

Forecasting the future
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The 1990s
Tom Brady The 1993 NFL draft was the only one in league history to contain eight rounds. There were six players selected in that eighth round that went on to become Pro Bowl players (QB Trent Green, QB Elvis Grbac, WR Troy Brown, LB Jessie Armstead, S Blaine Bishop and P Craig Hentrich).

More from the 1990s:

The Saints traded the rest of their entire draft to the Redskins to take Ricky Williams fifth overall.

Future war hero Pat Tillman was selected with the 226th overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals.

An OT was taken with the first (Orlando Pace) and last (Ross Verba) pick of the first round.

One of the best wide receiver classes of all time featured eight Pro Bowl performers.

The expansion Jaguars made Tony Boselli their first draft pick, taking him second overall.

Rob Holmberg was the last player drafted by a LA team to play in LA as both clubs left in 1995.

QB Drew Bledsoe was the first Washington State product ever taken with the first overall pick.

The Colts became the first team since 1958 to hold the first two overall picks in the draft.

Brett Favre fell to No. 33 overall, taken after first-rounders Dan McGwire and Todd Marinovich.

Dallas parlayed the Herschel Walker trade and another draft day deal into No. 17 pick Emmitt Smith.
The 1980s
Tom Brady The famed quarterback class of 1983 produced three Hall of Fame signal callers (Denver's John Elway, Buffalo's Jim Kelly and Miami's Dan Marino), but it also contained current Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who was taken in the eighth round.

More from the 1980s:

Of the top five picks, only No. 2 Tony Mandarich did not develop into a Pro Bowl caliber player.

The Bengals select Ickey Woods, but after rookie stardom, injuries derailed his promising career.

A year after spurning the Buccaneers, Bo Jackson goes to the Raiders in the seventh round.

Mike Schad became the first and only player ever drafted from Canada's Queens College.

Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie went in the 11th round to the Rams, who dealt him to Chicago.

Irving Fryar became only the third wide receiver ever to be chosen with the No. 1 overall pick.

Six-time Pro Bowl linebacker Karl Mecklenburg is selected by the Broncos in the 12th round.

The league's all-time leading scorer, Morten Andersen, was chosen in the fourth round.

The father of current Cowboy Marion Barber III, pictured, was drafted by the Jets in round two.

Long before he became the Lions' GM doing the drafting, Matt Millen was taken by Oakland at No. 43.
The 1970s
Tom Brady The late John Matuszak is the only No. 1 overall pick (1973) in the history of the NFL to play for a school that currently does not have a football program. His alma mater, the University of Tampa, terminated the program the year after he was drafted by the Houston Oilers.

More from the 1970s:

The man on the receiving end of "The Catch", Dwight Clark, was taken by the 49ers in round 10.

Known for leading the Redskins to a Super Bowl title, Doug Williams was drafted by the Bucs.

Gary Jeter was the third USC Trojan drafted in the top five after Ricky Bell and Marvin Powell.

The Oilers pick WR Steve Largent in the fourth round. They dealt him to Seattle after preseason.

Pat Haden is better known for being a TV game analyst than for being drafted in the seventh round.

Prior to becoming the coach of the Eagles and Packers, Ray Rhodes was taken in the 10th round.

The Raiders made Ray Guy the first punter ever drafted in the first round with their 23rd pick.

Long before he became a TV personality, Ahmad Rashad was chosen fourth overall by the Vikes.

For the first time in NFL history, three quarterbacks were drafted with the first three selections.

Terry Bradshaw was not the only Hall of Famer the Steelers took, they also nabbed Mel Blount.


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