Photo of Kevin Haslam
Kevin Haslam (OT)
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Haslam's a prospect with adequate size and some experience at tackle and guard. Does not wow you with his physicality or mobility but can be effective when taking proper angles. Is a potential late-round selection who could provide depth as a backup.


Haslam's a durable performer along the offensive line who has experience at tackle and guard. Has a good work ethic. Flashes good awareness and the ability to react to different types of pressure. Can mirror pass rushers on occasion. Does a good job with his angles in the run game.


Does not have the feet or speed you like to see along the offensive line. Is not a physical presence up front and needs to improve overall strength. Can be beaten by speed rushers or the bull rush in pass protection. Does not move defenders off the ball when run blocking and isn’t comfortable blocking in space.