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Golden Tate (WR)
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Selected by: Seattle Seahawks
Round: 2
Pick (Overall): 28 (60)
Pick Analysis: The Seahawks find a talented playmaker for their receiving corps. Although Tate has been deemed too short to be a proto-typical No.1 receiver, his outstanding running skills make him a special talent worthy of a key role in Seattle's offense. In addition, he gives the Seahawks another player capable of producing points in the return game.


Tate has been a very productive receiver for the Irish over the past two years and will be coming out as a true junior. He does a lot of things right and finishes games with a lot of stats but there is nothing physically about him that really jumps out at you. He lacks premier size, speed and acceleration yet he manages to get open and make a lot of plays. He is an excellent route runner that knows how to set defenders up and does not show much wasted movement when running patterns. He does a great job of going to the ball when slightly off target and will compete for virtually every pass. He is almost built more like a running back than a wide receiver but will fit some systems as a second or third receiver.


Tate’s a strong receiver. Is a very sound route runner who is smooth in and out of his breaks and has experience in a pro-style system. Is dangerous after catch with a nice combination of quickness and power to break tackles. Has been highly- productive. High-character player who will always compete. Has reliable hands.


His overall explosiveness is questionable. Is more of a speed-builder than a sudden guy, odd for a shorter receiver. Takes a while to eat up cushions. Top end speed is good but not elite. Can get deep on occasion but doesn’t appear to be a consistent downfield threat.




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