Photo of Chastin West
Chastin West (WR)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    212 lbs.
  • Arm Length:
    32 3/4 in.
  • Hand Size:
    9 7/8 in.
  • College:
    Fresno St.
  • Conference:
    Mountain West
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West is a good-sized receiver with very average speed who knows how to run routes and set up defenders. He does a good job of gaining a step of separation at this level with his crisp routes and little head-and-shoulder fakes, but he will struggle at the next level. He builds to speed and does not show a big burst coming out of his break and won't be much of a threat down the seam in the NFL. He does a good job of reading coverages and finding the soft spots in zones and is a natural receiver. He can adjust to slightly off-target throws and has a wide receiving radius.


West is thickly built with good height. Heady player who runs precise routes and uses fakes against defenders to gain separation. Finds holes in zone coverage on underneath routes and has the body control to adjust to errant throws. Has strong hands and catches the ball away from his body.


Does not have adequate speed to stretch the field or the initial burst to separate off the line at the next level. Lacks the explosion out of breaks to get open in man coverage. Limited athleticism prevents him from making people miss and getting yards after the catch.