Photo of Cam Thomas
Cam Thomas (DT)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    330 lbs.
  • Arm Length:
    34 3/4 in.
  • Hand Size:
    10 1/2 in.
  • College:
    North Carolina
  • Conference:
Featured Prospects
Selected by: San Diego Chargers
Round: 5
Pick (Overall): 15 (146)
Pick Analysis: The Chargers land their nose tackle with the selection of Cam Thomas. The hulking interior defender has excellent strength, and his ability to occupy double teams will create space for the team's linebackers. For the Chargers to land such a quality player at this point, it is a huge value pick.


A two year starter for the Tar Heels, Thomas primarily was a run stopper in the Carolina defense. He has a huge body but lacks great quickness, lateral agility and speed. He rarely makes a play out of the tackle box and appears to lack conditioning throughout the contest. He isn't an explosive player but is tough to get movement on when defending the run. He lacks an expanded pass-rush package and only flashes the ability to push the pocket when bull rushing. He is an inconsistent reactor as blocking schemes unfold and needs to improve in this phase of the game. Thomas is clearly a two-down player who could be limited as a nose tackle at the next level, but players with his size and strength are hard to find.


Possesses ideal height and is thickly built. Fires low off the ball to get good leverage and has a wide base which makes him difficult to move. Engages quickly with his arms and drives opponents backward, making him an effective bull rusher.


Lacks good initial quickness. Despite his size he does not possess the explosive power to consistently collapse the pocket. Does not have the lateral agility and range to make plays in space. Gets winded easily and loses effectiveness. Slow to react and follow plays making him susceptible to screen passes.