Photo of Robert Brewster
Robert Brewster (OT)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 325
College: Ball St.
Conference: Mid-American
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
High School: Wyoming
Featured Prospects
Selected by: Dallas Cowboys
Round: 3
Pick (Overall): 11 (75)
Pick Analysis: The Cowboys pick up a hulking interior prospect with the selection of Brewster. Though he spent his college career as an offensive tackle, Brewster will likely move inside to guard for the Cowboys.
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Despite being a four-year starter and two-time first-team All-MAC recipient at left tackle, Brewster ranks as one of the more underrated components in Ball State's emergence into the national spotlight. He won't be underrated by scouts. Brewster's lateral agility makes him not only effective mirroring defenders in pass protection, but when blocking for the run. As with many tackles coming to the NFL as products of the spread offense, however, scouts are curious to see how effective Brewster would be in the running game out of a three-point stance. Had an arm span of 34 inches and a hand span of 9 1/4 inches at the combine.

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Positives: Good initial quickness off the snap. ... Good lateral agility. ... Good flexibility for the cut block. ... Can get out and run to make blocks at the second level. ... Good initial pop. ... Can turn the defender and seal. ... Flashes some nastiness and looks to finish his opponent when he feels vulnerability. ... Good initial quickness for pass protection and is light on his feet. ... Bends naturally at the knees and eases out of his stance fluidly with the balance to mirror defenders.

Negatives: Operates out of the spread and is rarely asked to block out of a three point stance. Inconsistent hand punch. Only marginal hand quickness. Will allow his hands to get outside the chest-plate when run blocking. Provides a good initial pop, but lacks the strength to consistently sustain.

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