Photo of Marvin Jones
61.5 ?
  • 4.46 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 22 REPS
    Top Performer
  • 33.0 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 112.0 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 6.81 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 4.11 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 11.47 SEC
    Top Performer
Blue Star  =  Top Performer
  • 6'2" Height
  • 33 1/8" Arm Length
  • 199LBS. Weight
  • 10 1/4" Hands


Jones has been a productive starter as a possession-type receiver for the Cal Bears the past three years. He does not possess great speed but seems to have a good understanding of his body and how to play to his strengths and get open. Jones has played with a quarterback the last year who is always looking to scramble and throw on the run, and Jones has been a good option for him working to get open downfield. He can make tough catches with a foot in bounds to get a first down when working up field and is a good outlet given his catch radius and hand strength when catching the ball.



Jones is big off the line in terms of knowing how to explode into a corner's face so that he can keep his hands off them and get a corner to turn their hips early in the route and keep him off balance. Jones is not a very smooth in-route runner and has some tendencies in terms of drifting away from the ball that could hurt him at the next level, but he is effective in stemming his routes off the line and understanding how to lean on DBs to get open at the top of routes. Jones has incredible hands and can extend to snatch balls that are thrown high over his head and has the flexibility in his hips to go down and snag balls thrown at his ankles.


Jones can find holes in coverage and use a lean to separate when running routes, but when he is covered closely at his hip by DBs, he has a tough time separating with his acceleration or speed. He is more of a smooth runner who won't blow by many NFL corners, and although he is a deep threat from his jumping ability and ability to adjust to and catch the ball, he doesn't use speed to win in anything that he does.
Grade Title
9.00-10 Once-in-lifetime player
8.00-8.99 Perennial All-Pro
7.50-7.99 Future All-Pro
7.00-7.49 Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.50-6.99 Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.00-6.49 Should become instant starter
5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter
5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential
5.01-5.19 Better-than-average chance to make NFL roster
5.00 50-50 Chance to make NFL roster
4.75-4.99 Should be in an NFL training camp
4.50-4.74 Chance to be in an NFL training camp
No Grade Likely needs time in developmental league.