Photo of LeSean McCoy
  • 22 REPS
    Top Performer
  • 5'10" Height
  • 198LBS. Weight


McCoy's two seasons at Pittsburgh (he was draft eligible because he spent a year at Milford Academy after high school) went about as expected: he gained 2,816 yards and 35 touchdowns rushing while adding 65 receptions for 549 yards. He was twice named first-team All-Big East because he used his unique combination of power and speed to pace the Panthers' attack.

The short shelf life of running backs may have played into McCoy's decision to come out early, especially considering he missed part of his senior year in high school with a compound fracture in his right leg. Had an arm span of 31 3/4 inches and a hand span of 8 7/8 inches at the combine.



Positives: Fast enough to get the corner and owns a second and third gear in the secondary. Excellent inside quickness, hitting the hole in a hurry when in the one-back set. Gets to top speed as quickly as any back in the country. Special vision for the cutback and in traffic. Plants his foot and accelerates. Very elusive in space, with shifty hips and an ability to juke or shake off a defender. Maintains his balance well after making a move or running through arm tackles on the outside. Runs with a lean inside, will bounce off tackles and keep his legs moving. Patient enough to allow blocks to develop on stretch plays to the outside. Very natural hands as a receiver; will excel on swing and screen passes. Uses his quick feet to run crisp out routes. Ultra-competitive; works hard in the film and weight rooms. Wants the ball on every play. Negatives: Doesn't have great size or the compact strength of elite backs. Must prove he can get the tough yard and not dance to try and break a big play when it's not there. Invites turnovers by running with the ball very loosely. Doesn't always switch the ball to the outside hand. Runs out of control at times. Some of those cutbacks will not work against the speed of NFL defenses. A liability in pass protection, throwing a shoulder instead of moving his feet to take on or even just get in the way of a rusher. Whiffs on his cut blocks against blitzing linebackers.
Grade Title
9.00-10 Once-in-lifetime player
8.00-8.99 Perennial All-Pro
7.50-7.99 Future All-Pro
7.00-7.49 Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.50-6.99 Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.00-6.49 Should become instant starter
5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter
5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential
5.01-5.19 Better-than-average chance to make NFL roster
5.00 50-50 Chance to make NFL roster
4.75-4.99 Should be in an NFL training camp
4.50-4.74 Chance to be in an NFL training camp
No Grade Likely needs time in developmental league.