Photo of Lavonte David
87.7 ?
  • 4.65 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 19 REPS
    Top Performer
  • 36.5 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 119.0 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 7.28 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 4.22 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 6'1" Height
  • 31 3/4" Arm Length
  • 233LBS. Weight
  • 8 3/4" Hands


Lavonte is one of the premier linebacker prospects in this year's senior class. The Fort Scott Community College transfer is undersized but able to overcome that through his instincts and speed. He has enormous tackle production throughout his two years at Nebraska, posting over 260 tackles in his short time there. Instincts are the key to his game, as he always seems to be in the middle of action whether rushing the passer or covering tight ends. Lavonte will need to stay off blocks at the next level and either gain strength to shed linemen or continue to play instinctually to stay free entirely. His athletic ability allows him to play loose and fly around, and he should go in the late first round to a team who loves undersized, athletic linebackers.



Lavonte has speed that is evident from the second the play starts. He is an instinctive player who is able to read offensive lines and trigger to get to the spot he needs to be. He understands angles and leveraging himself when taking on blocks, which allow him to overcome his size deficiency. His footwork is fluid in transition and when moving laterally, he routinely fits up against running backs in the hole and stonewalls them at the point. He can pursue against the run to the outside and use his instincts to meet players where they ultimately will be, and rarely whiffs on tackles. He can cover tight ends close in man and works well in zone coverage as he has natural, fluid hips to turn and pass set.


David is undersized, and he can struggle at times when lineman get their hands on him on run plays. If he is free he hits the gap hard, but once engaged he attempts to use his strong hands to fight away. He can cover in the long-term against tight ends but can also struggle in man against them at the line of scrimmage if they overpower him initially. Speed and savvy can often overshadow these size and strength hitches in Lavonte's game, but they could be exposed more at the next level.
Grade Title
9.00-10 Once-in-lifetime player
8.00-8.99 Perennial All-Pro
7.50-7.99 Future All-Pro
7.00-7.49 Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.50-6.99 Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.00-6.49 Should become instant starter
5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter
5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential
5.01-5.19 Better-than-average chance to make NFL roster
5.00 50-50 Chance to make NFL roster
4.75-4.99 Should be in an NFL training camp
4.50-4.74 Chance to be in an NFL training camp
No Grade Likely needs time in developmental league.