Photo of Brandon Pettigrew
  • 4.83 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 22 REPS
    Top Performer
  • 33.0 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 118.0 INCH
    Top Performer
  • 7.12 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 4.37 SEC
    Top Performer
  • 6'5" Height
  • 263LBS. Weight


Casual fans may wonder how Pettigrew can be ranked as the elite senior tight end prospect when his statistics pale in comparison to many of the other top-ranked prospects at the position. While his career numbers are respectable - 112 receptions for 1,450 yards and nine touchdowns - they certainly aren't eye-popping. Relegated to blocking throughout much of his early career due to the Cowboys' focus on other playmakers, Pettigrew is more NFL-ready than most recent collegiate tight ends. A nagging ankle injury robbed him of the opportunity of breaking out as a senior, but the natural hands, rare athleticism and brute strength demonstrated throughout his career are the traits scouts look for in a complete tight end. Had an arm span of 34 7/8 inches and a hand span of 10 3/4 inches at the combine.



Positives: Prototype size for the position. Good overall musculature, yet has the frame to add additional mass. Physical and determined as a run blocker. Good initial pop and has the lateral quickness and upper body strength to sustain his blocks. Seems to enjoy the physical nature of blocking. Presents a large target to the quarterback and has strong, secure hands. Looks the pass in and quickly turns upfield to generate positive yardage after the catch. A mismatch for defenders due to his size and athleticism. Bullish runner who will drag defenders for extra yardage. Negatives: Remains a bit raw in his technique considering he has started four years. Relies on his size and advantage in athleticism to get a clean release from the line of scrimmage and gain separation from defenders as a route-runner. Struggled with an ankle injury in 2008, failing to capitalize on his opportunity to break out as a senior. Held without a touchdown in 2008. Character red flags were raised with Pettigrew's arrest for a felony charge of assault and battery of a police officer outside of a Stillwater, Okla. party on Jan. 20, 2008.
Grade Title
9.00-10 Once-in-lifetime player
8.00-8.99 Perennial All-Pro
7.50-7.99 Future All-Pro
7.00-7.49 Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.50-6.99 Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player
6.00-6.49 Should become instant starter
5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter
5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential
5.01-5.19 Better-than-average chance to make NFL roster
5.00 50-50 Chance to make NFL roster
4.75-4.99 Should be in an NFL training camp
4.50-4.74 Chance to be in an NFL training camp
No Grade Likely needs time in developmental league.