Once a hard-throwing MLB prospect, Hayden Hurst's pitching career lasted just five batters. A case of the yips forced him out of baseball and opened up a whole new world.
Molded by arduous work on the East Texas family farm, the hands of SMU wide receiver Courtland Sutton are now his money-makers ... and the envy of all the land.
No anger, no hatred, no regrets. Texas OT Connor Williams has nothing but gratitude for his childhood tormentors, who helped put him on a path to the NFL.
Josey Jewell's toughness has him knocking on the door of the NFL, but it's the Iowa linebacker's tenderness that has given hope to a young cancer patient fighting for his life.
Russell Wilson or Johnny Manziel? Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield is everything NFL teams look for in a franchise quarterback ... and a little of what they fear the most.
Christian Kirk spent his first two years at Texas A&M developing into the SEC's 'most explosive player.' He's used his third to reveal something NFL teams will truly covet: leadership.
In a football culture that favors uniformity over individuality, Northwestern's Godwin Igwebuike breaks every jock stereotype. Just be careful not to label the hard-hitting safety as soft.
The product of a tough childhood, hard work, determination and natural-born speed, Alabama deep-threat wide receiver Calvin Ridley has quickly sprinted ahead of the competition.
The best-kept secret in college football is starting to get out, and now scouts are asking: Is South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert the NFL's next matchup nightmare?
Penn State's Saquon Barkley says the NFL can wait, but on and off the field, the nation's most complete running back is starting to put distance between himself and his peers.
Despite the loss of a finger, Wisconsin's Troy Fumagalli has become a handful for Big Ten defenses. Can a nit-picky NFL scouting world get past the tight end's missing digit like he has?
Harold Landry led the nation in sacks in 2016, but the Boston College pass rusher is taking his game to a whole new level, hoping to leave opposing quarterbacks without a prayer.
In Florida State's Derwin James, scouts see a spectacular athlete who can play multiple positions and transform a defense with a rare mix of talent and charisma. What they see is a future NFL superstar.
A devastating knee injury almost derailed Nick Chubb's NFL dreams, but the Georgia running back has returned with a vengeance and is now out to prove he's better than ever.
Four years ago, not a single FBS school offered Josh Allen a scholarship, but now some are calling the Wyoming signal-caller the best QB prospect since Cam Newton.