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NFL 360 with Shaquem Griffin and Rosey Grier

"NFL 360" explores what it means to inspire, with a pair of moving stories that resonate across generations. One-handed linebacker Shaquem Griffin carries the hopes of many as he makes NFL history with the Seahawks, while legendary defensive tackle Rosey Grier reflects on his unforgettable friendship with Robert F. Kennedy - and the moment RFK's assassination changed his life, and the course of America, forever.

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Rosey And Bobby: A life changed, 50 years later

How a personal connection with Robert Kennedy, and one of the more tragic moments of a tumultuous time, awakened an NFL star's social conscience.

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Griffin details the moment that motivated him to 'never quit' football

As Shaquem Griffin attempts to cap his remarkable journey with a once-unthinkable selection in the NFL Draft, his story unfolds in a unique, innovative and impactful way. The first-person narrative will be told by Shaq himself along with a chorus of limb-deficient athletes competing in mainstream sports. Shaq's rise to the verge of the NFL has served as added motivation for these rare and gifted competitors.

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Christian McCaffrey carries his dad's legacy

Take a special look at the relationship between Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and his father, former Denver Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey.

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Risky Business with Patrick Mahomes

NFL Network's Jeffri Chadiha sits down with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his coaches and family to talk about baseball, getting drafted and a future full of potential.

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On a Mission

The Ravens' Konrad Reuland made an impact on the lives he touched both on and off the football field. At age Konrad 29 died of a brain aneurism, but even after death he continues to make an incredible impact in the lives he has touched. Including that of Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew.

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