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Tuesday 10PMET on NFL Network

Episode 1 - An inside look at the Falcons training with former Navy Seals, and the bond between Rams quarterback Jared Goff and wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Guest storytellers Andrea Kremer, Mike Silver and Mark Kriegel.

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New Beginnings

The bonds between the NFL and the armed forces often manifest themselves in powerful and dramatic ways. Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer and former Green Beret and NFL free agent Nate Boyer are among those dedicated to a thriving program that brings the two institutions together for a new mission and a new lease on life for men and women who have given so much of theirs.

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Dobbs introduces his biggest fan to his new teammates

During his time at University of Tennessee, Steeler rookie quarterback Josh Dobbs developed a bond with 7-year old brain cancer survivor, AJ Cucksey. The two are reunited in Pittsburgh as Josh brings AJ to his first NFL game.

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On a Mission

The Ravens' Konrad Reuland made an impact on the lives he touched both on and off the football field. At age Konrad 29 died of a brain aneurism, but even after death he continues to make an incredible impact in the lives he has touched. Including that of Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew.

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Brady Strong - Galynn Brady's story of strength

While her son was overcoming obstacles on the field Galynn Brady, Tom Brady's mom had quite a bit to overcome off the field.

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Head of the Class

Several new additions have provided reasons for optimism about the future of the 49ers - among them, first year GM John Lynch and rookie defensive end Solomon Thomas. As Jeff Chadiha reports, the roots of that optimism can be traced to a fortuitous meeting -- at another prominent Bay Area institution, where their paths first crossed in the most unexpected of ways.

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Introducing the Patriots' special guest against the Texans

September is not only the start of the NFL's regular season, it's also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. NFL 360 tells the story of Tom Brady, Gabe Lester and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

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Embrace the Suck with the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have trained with former Navy Seals for the past two seasons creating brotherhood bonds and the Falcon Standard.

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Back 2 Campus

NFL legends go Back2Campus and visit their alma mater to teach the new generation of NFL stars.

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GameDay Ride

Ride along with your favorite NFL player as they make their way to the stadium on gameday in their favorite ride.

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One player from all 50 Super Bowl winning teams talk about what winning a Super Bowl ring meant to them, the motivation it provided, and the emotion it holds. Every day leading up to Super Bowl 51, a different story will be shared.

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