NFL 1st and Future
The 4th annual NFL 1st and Future competition will be presented by Arrow Electronics and hosted at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia on February 2, 2019, the day before Super Bowl LIII.

1st and Future is the NFL's annual Super Bowl competition designed to spur innovation in player health, safety and performance. This year's event will feature two categories of competition:

NFL Punt Analytics Competition: Applicants will have access to NFL data sets to inform submissions about rule changes designed to reduce player injury during punt plays while maintaining the integrity of the game. This challenge will utilize the data science platform Kaggle. Up to four of the best submissions will be awarded $20,000 each. The winning teams will be invited to present their submission in Atlanta, where they will compete to win two Super Bowl tickets. Apply here.

Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition: Submissions for innovations that could improve player health and safety, including but not limited to: protective equipment, medical devices, sensors and training devices. Up to five start-ups will be selected as finalists and will have the chance to present their innovations on stage in Atlanta. One grand prize winner will be awarded $50,000 and two tickets to Super Bowl LIII. The second-place winner will receive $20,000 and two tickets to Super Bowl LIII. Apply here.

Please click here to see the official rules and eligibility requirements.
2018 Winners
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Advancements in Protective Equipment
Impressio, Inc: Impressio utilizes liquid-crystal elastomers (LCEs) to create novel dissipative liner materials for protective equipment designed to overcome the existing challenges of energy absorption in current helmet foams.
New Therapies to Speed Recovery
RecoverX: Element is a connected device that can achieve the optimum cold or hot therapy temperatures without any ice or water, designed to allow users more freedom for their therapy.
Technology to Improve Athletic Performance Curv is an athlete development platform that leverages patent-pending computer vision and augmented reality to transform the camera on any mobile device into a versatile tool that captures human motion, measures athletic abilities and evaluates injury risk.
2017 Winners
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Communicating with the Athlete
GoRout: GoRout has created on-field wearable technology to help streamline the communication between football coaches and players by allowing players to receive digital play diagrams and data from coaches on the sideline.
Training the Athlete
Mobile Virtual Player: Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) is an innovative, patented training platform that allows coaches to teach and train players effectively while significantly reducing the risk of injury from player-to-player contact. MVP brings a highly-mobile, remote controlled, self-righting 'virtual player' onto the field to revolutionize football training.
Materials to Protect the Athlete
Windpact: Windpact is a safety technology company that has developed a patented padding system that uses air and foam to absorb and disperse impact energy to improve the performance of helmets and protective gear. Driven by a team of engineers, designers and developers and led by a Pro Bowl NFL veteran, Windpact has begun integrating its flagship Crash Cloud technology into partner helmets and aims to further advance player health and safety through its scientific approach to product development.
2016 Winners
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The Future Stadium
Hyp3r: HYP3R makes it easy for businesses to engage influential customers at specific locations on a personal level in real-time.
Bring Home the Game
LiveLike: LiveLike uses Virtual Reality to bring you and your friends together in a sports viewing experience that's as easy as turning on your TV and as thrilling as going to the stadium.
Tomorrow's Athlete
Kenzen: Kenzen delivers real-time health insights using patented biosensors, sweat analysis and predictive analytics. Our mission is to predict and preempt injury and health complications.